Is there an intention to sell the data collected from this survey or a resulting analysis based on the data collected? Will the annual reports be sold to interested companies and agencies or will they be provided at no cost to the industry?

No part of the data that is collected, nor the resulting analysis will be sold.  The sole purpose of the annual surveys is to provide to the maritime community insights into training practices, perspectives and approaches for the benefit of the whole community.  We do this, recognizing that it is in the interest of all stakeholders that - with respect to the competence of seafarers - the best solutions are shared for safety on the oceans and for the sustainable and efficient use of maritime resources and stewardship of the oceans.  All reports will be made available on the website  and free-to-access media, for the benefit of the global community.

The partners are expressly forbidden to:

  • Sell, give or otherwise disclose the non-anonymised raw data to anyone;

  • Use the raw data in a proprietary way — for example, as a source of sales prospects.